Complete project planning for all requirements, including:

  • New build, renovations, remodeling
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Art work
  • Underwater
  • Quiet rooms for high-end audio/visual equipment
  • Security and programmed home automation
  • LED, halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, CFL and metal halide
  • Switching, wiring and power requirements


  • Evaluation of current usage for condos, rental apartment buildings and commercial space
  • Recommendation for applicable retrofit lighting
  • Costing savings analysis for electricity, lamp replacement and labour
  • Access to unique financing deals within minimal or no upfront capital cost
  • Information on available governmental subsidies and rebates

Oasi Restaurant

  • One of a kind design features
  • State of the art usage of light to create dramatic effect
  • Original lighting arrangement using coloured LEDs, custom programming and highly specialized lights to present an ever-changing or cycling pattern of light and colour

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