Retrofitting to LEDs…

Here’s a link to an interesting article on residential retrofits and how to properly incent homeowners/consumers. It is written for the British, but applies equally here in North America.


Things we consider when we move a client from a traditional lamp/bulb to LED:

  • an LED need only provide 1/7th the output (in watts) of your current lamp/bulb;
  • the correct colour temperature is critical to the overall design aesthetic of the home, as well as to the atmosphere of the room where it is to be employed;
  • a good quality LED provides more value over the long term than cheaper off-the-shelf options; and
  • dimmer compatibility is critical to ensure that the LEDs will be plug-and-play ready.

We encourage people to contact us directly, as we can take the guesswork out of even a simple LED retrofit.

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