New Battery Technology…the key to making renewable energy viable

Another article that caught my eye today…here are a few of the key points:

  • Capturing the energy from the wind and the sun is becoming easier, but storing it for a rainy day is another story.
  • A new type of “flow” battery being developed may hold the key to changing the way electricity is stored.
  • It is called a flow battery because it deploys water and other liquids to store the electrical charge rather than solids.
  • These batteries can store energy from wind, for example, so power companies can use it when they need it.
  • The amount of energy a flow battery can store depends on the size of the tanks holding the liquids but potentially upto tens of kilowatt hours.
  • The chemical compounds called quinones are used to store electrical energy in liquid cells, hydrogen peroxide is a type of quinone, and there are many organic sources in plants such as rhubarb.

Battery storage key to making renewable energy more viable



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