Key Elements We Consider When Designing Your Lighting System

Light is a critical component when designing a space whether it be indoor or outdoor. Consequently lighting design can reveal the magnificence of one’s surroundings, more specifically the artistry of the shapes, subtle colors, and composition of materials in a space.

Selecting the appropriate lighting solution to compliment the aesthetic of a space is dependent on the needs of a project. Luminaires selected by the designer need to satisfy the desired aesthetic, the financial scope, be optimized the use of each space, be deliverable to meet project timelines and enhance the space. Ultimately, to create a total lighting solution for a project, we use our comprehensive understanding of lighting AND work to clearly understand the needs and wants  of our client. The following elements should be considered while designing a light solution:

Light Intensity: Defined as the amount of light from a source, the intensity is specified by us as the light designer.

Visual Function: Providing the best quality light for every visual task based on the planned use of each space.

Energy Efficiency: We live in a time where it is imperative to come up with energy-efficient lighting solutions (this includes fixtures, dimmers and home automation).

Colour Temperature: Essentially, the warmth and coolness of the white light output. The colour temperature of light affects our perception of the color of objects in a space. Note, this does not include the use of coloured lights, but dependent on project goals, the moderate use of coloured light can deliver additional ambiance and spectacle.

Distribution of Lumination: Distribution of light in a space, to enhance and optimize visibility. Ensuring that there are no hotspots or dark areas, unless planned as a part of the lighting experience.

Project Lifecycle: This critical element affects may of the decisions we make, as the investment a client is willing to make in their dream home is very different than that a developer will make on a home that they are looking to flip. We ask many questions and those answers determine much of the lighting system design we produce.

By thoroughly understanding the design elements of light and the needs and desires of our clients we are able to deliver and control an appropriate lighting for a project.

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