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Maximize Energy Efficiency: System Design & Equipment Selection

System Design: One of the best ways to reduce lighting power is to install lighting only where it is needed. There are many aspects to quality lighting, but as a designer, we should always be aware that lighting systems do not necessarily need to rely on permanently installed ceiling systems to generate all lighting. For...

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DDMLighting, our work in print

DDMLighting design, delivery and manage was in full force and effect for this beautiful project by our good friends at Forestgreen Creations, see the article on the “Treehouse” here: On Top Of The Town. Also, we have included some pics that didn’t make the article but that we feel offer a great sample of the lighting...


LEDs, Not Solar, Have Transformed Their Industry

A very interesting article on how LEDs have up-ended the lamp/bulb industry, and how solar has yet to do the same…however, the difference in the markets is significant from capital intensity, scope and breadth of infrastructure and level of integration in the economy. Read it here

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Let There Be Light…and coffee

Proper lighting has a substantial impact on productivity, and, although the initial cost of a lighting renovation could seem daunting, the gains due to energy savings and- more importantly- productivity gains more than make up for the cost of the investment. Take the following example: In the late 1980s, the lighting systems in the U.S....

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Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Correct Outdoor Lighting

This article highlights three often overlooked benefits of the correct outdoor lighting design and execution. It also provides a reminder that the main reason most outdoor lighting upgrades are driven by the obvious long-term costs benefits that LED provides. This article comes via our friends at Switch – Advanced Lighting Solutions. We use them for...


The Technical History of Light Part 2

This is a less technical discussion, but adequately represented the lighting typology and methodology develops in the 20th and 21st century. Click here for the Article.

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The Technical History of Light Part #1 – Two Takes

For those of you interested in developing a more technical understanding of the nature of light, and of the history of scientific exploration and innovation in the areas of light…this is the two part series for you. Take 1) Click here for the article #1 taking us up to the late 19th century Take 2) Click here...

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Evaluating Lighting Quality in Today’s World

The new quality criteria for lighting are: – Changing lighting situations, the ability to migrate lighting to reflect different usage patterns for the same space – Personal control, the ability through radio-frequency or wifi to adjust the light volumes and even colour temperature to reflect individual tastes and needs – Energy efficiency, minimizing electricity (see...

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LEDs and your Sleep Health

New research out of the University of Manchester (article), suggests that studies of the affects of colour temperature on the circadian rhythms of mice can be mapped on to humans. In brief, their claim is that changes in the light spectrum (from yellows to blues) are more important than light intensity in how the body...

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Key Elements We Consider When Designing Your Lighting System

Light is a critical component when designing a space whether it be indoor or outdoor. Consequently lighting design can reveal the magnificence of one’s surroundings, more specifically the artistry of the shapes, subtle colors, and composition of materials in a space. Selecting the appropriate lighting solution to compliment the aesthetic of a space is dependent on...

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LED Lighting – A Double-edged Sword…If done improperly

LED lighting is the most efficient and fastest growing segments in the lighting market today. LEDs provide a variety of benefits, however, they also have key disadvantages, particularly if you invest in a lower quality system. Below is a list of the distinct pros and cons that LEDs offer: The Benefits More Efficient Unlike older lighting solutions, do...

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Lighting Controls – Top Reasons Why They are so Important

Increase Workplace Comfort. By setting the right light levels for each workspace at each hour of the day, employees are more comfortable and experience less eye strain. Not surprisingly, eyestrain is the leading cause of stress in the workplace, according to a report by Kensington Technology Group. Reduce Energy Consumption by as Much as 50%....