Lighting experts based in Toronto, DDMLighting executes large and small projects in both the commercial and residential arenas.

Founded in June 2011, DDMLighting combines 30 years of expertise and experience.  Our mission is to provide great lighting and excellent customer experience in the Design, Deliver and Management phases of each project – no matter how small.

While Design, Deliver and Manage is our motto and gives us our corporate name, we have a much more fundamental approach that guides us in all our interactions and decision-making: we define a client as “someone under our care”.  This duty of care extends beyond the time of our involvement in the project, to the ultimate life of the lighting fixtures we have provided.

Our team is small, agile and responsive.  Able to move at the speed our clients require, we adjust our designs to meet the aesthetic, budgetary and scheduling needs at a reasonable cost.  As individuals we both desire to create beauty and unique effects through lighting and together have the synergy that makes it possible for us to make this happen on a consistent basis.  See our profiles for more information on us.